Apple Pay extends horizon, launches in Australia

Apple Pay, the online payment service that is exclusive to Apple Inc. and its products (the iPhone, especially), has been launched for a pretty long time now, even more than a year, but sadly, it is yet to reach some markets. It was then some good news for Australia when Apple finally announced that they had set up the service in the country and customers living there could use the payment platform for their transactions likewise.

This Apple Pay platform that was set up in Australia is exclusively for those who own or can set up an American Express (Amex) service and also, can be used where there is a retailer in support of it.

Announced by the CEO of Apple in person of Tim Cook on Wednesday, the move does not favor the four local banks of Australia and dejected as they might be, they would just have to keep waiting and hoping that Apple looks their way very soon and sets up its Apple Pay service with them too.

These banks are ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank and Westpac. There is still hope for these financial institutions as in every other area where the Apple Pay programme has been launched (taking the United Kingdom for example), there was support for most of the financial institutions present.

The Vice President of Amex in terms of Mobile Products and Payments, Tony Prentice has been quick to say “With our global reach, we are able to bring Apple Pay to Card Members quickly in these important countries.” Speaking further, “We believe it is critical to be on the forefront of seamless and innovative payment solutions.”

Source : Mashable

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