Wednesday, September 30

Apple Pay getting set to launch in China; is Africa next?

While the Chinese market is not one even the United States can afford to ignore, emerging markets like those we have in Nigeria and South Africa deserve a look in when it comes to spreading a service like Apple Pay.

China, according to a government-backed newspaper Wenhui News, is the next in line to welcome Apple Pay. This is not a big surprise especially when you consider the fact that the Chinese market is one of the biggest in terms of Apple products. The thought of launching such service in the Asian country is one that is too tempting to ignore.

According to Wenhui, per Engadget, the Cupertino-based tech giant has quietly registered its business in the Shanghai’s free trade zone as far back as June, 2015. Further confirming Apple’s intention to spread its Payment service to China is the Wall Street Journal, which writes that the major reason for the new business is to bring Apple Pay to the country.

Apple Pay getting set to launch in China; is Africa next? Technology: General

So while the Chinese eagerly await the launch of the service, which will enable them to tap their iPhone to buy goods in Beijing, a couple of African countries like Nigeria and South Africa can only dream or wish for an opportunity like this to come their way.

With a population of close to 200 million people, and an ever growing online retain market; Nigeria remains one of the most attractive destinations for services like Apple Pay and Android Pay.

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