Sunday, September 20

Apple Watch set to debut in South Africa

The Apple Watch is one of the most fascinating pieces of technology that we have around these days. It is the perfect embodiment of a watch that simply allows you to do so much more. It is with little that its functionality differs from that of a normal device running on its own software.

Hosted, run and operated on the iOS software, the Apple Watch is one of the technological successes of the Apple Inc. brand and it uses the latest version of iOS for mobiles and other devices, the iOS 9. The Apple Watch allows you to perform a variety of activities on it asides from just checking what time of the day it is.

Apple Watch set to debut in South Africa Technology: General

From surfing the net, to keeping up with your notifications from your phone, receiving PINGs via the internet and also, linking to your social media accounts, the uses of the Apple Watch seems to be unlimited. Recently, the much fun side of the Apple Watch has been revealed as it is now possible to run some select games on the technological hardware.

Being in great demand, it was a great pleasure when it was announced to have been present in the South African market. The iStore in South Africa has announced that as from the 23rd of October, it would have the Apple Watch in stock for interested buyers.

The Watch, which went on for sale in the early April did not feature South Africa as any of its launch countries but that has changed now. Though the SA pricing has not been released for the Watch, the United States’ value for the 38mm variant is estimated at $349, while the 42mm variant costs $399.

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