Tuesday, August 11

Applications now open for Ericsson 2016 Innovation Awards

Ericsson, the Sweden based world giant brand, has announced that it would start receiving and processing applications for its 2016 Innovation Awards. The Innovation Awards is a yearly programme by Ericsson which looks to give students the platform to showcase their talents in innovating new things and also get rewarded for their toil and efforts. With this concept, students have the perfect chance of developing their ideas in ICT under the tutelage of industry expert from Sony.

The 2016 edition of the Ericsson Innovation Awards looks to focus on urban life, what future it holds and how it can be well sustained and connected. It has therefore been aptly themed “The Future of the City Life.”

For the selection process, 10 teams would be chosen for the competition. These teams would have a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 students, and 9 of these would be chosen by the judges while the last would be people’s choice.

After presenting their ideas, only 4 teams would then make the final cut to the grand finale of the competition in Stockholm, Sweden.

For their incentives, the team that wins is entitled to a prize or EUR25,000 and the second in line gets EUR15,000. Also, two runner ups would be present from the final four to pocket EUR5,000 each.

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