Tuesday, December 1

ASAP: BBM provides menu for Snapchat-like messages

On Friday, BlackBerry added a few, yet practical updates to it’s . One of the major updates brought to the platform was a feature called Timed Messages. With Timed Messages, you can send messages in a way that makes you feel like you are using Snapchat.

The Timed Messages feature allows you to send messages which will self-destruct at a specified time from when the receiver reads it. You have the options to set one second, 3 seconds or up to 15 seconds. One of the options provided allows will make the message delete once the user removes his/her/it’s hand from the phone’s screen or touch pad.

One of the users however complained that despite BlackBerry’s efforts, BBM was still lacking the following:

  • 1. Send Multiple Photos at a time
  • 2. Consolidated view of ALL MEDIA transferred in 1on1 chat (exactly how whatsapp and now iOS have this) – easy to find pictures sent/received MONTHS ago.. instead of scrolling up for months.
  • 3. Select MORE than 1 emoticon at a time.

“And IMPROVEMENTS: Notifications on iOS/Android ! Sick of the lame excuse from my friends that they never got notified,” the user commented. BlackBerry said that they are welcome to complaints and suggestions.

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