Wednesday, August 5

ASUS to shelve notebooks and go the way of smartphones

I don’t know about you, but I do love me an ASUS personal computer, and a lot of other people do too. If you’ve been in the technology market for a while, you would agree that ASUS is no newcomer when it comes to churning our products that makes heads swoon. That defines why it is presently one of the top 5 personal computer outlets in the world right now. That asides, you should also know if you’re conversant with ASUS that they, although just started a few years back, hold down their own in the smartphone market too with products such as the out there.

The Chairman of ASUS, Jonney Shih, has then recently made some comments to suggest that ASUS is looking to shift where it has its eyes set from the world of notebooks to that of smartphones. To those that know how much ASUS makes from its notebooks now, this move looks like a rather risky one but then the Chairman himself has hammered on the need for the brand to remain relevant and to do this, need to drive innovation in the market.

Shih has also made some remarks about Google, stating that they were in a lot of projects together. If these are anything to go by, we might then healthily speculate that we might just be waiting for another Nexus 7 device.

ASUS is in a good position to establish on and achieve all of these dreams if they wish to, but we have no physical proof or even a concept device that was displayed to even know what to expect. We might just have to play the waiting game with them then.

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