Sunday, September 27

AVG admits it can make money selling your private data

Perhaps, this could push Nigerians who use the free version of the AVG antivirus into having a rethink. AVG, one the world’s leading antivirus and other internet security software companies, has admitted that it can “make money from [its] free offerings with non-personal data.” According to Engadget, the personal info could include, but not limited to device brand, language and app in use.

The company recently updated its privacy policy’s language, and the amended document contains information that might scare a lot of people who use the free version of the company’s line of products.

According to the updated policy, AVG can collect data you have provided, including using cookies to track your searchers and your activities on websites, apps and other products. Details collected can then be used to “build anonymous data profiles” or create statistical information, which AVG can then sell.

AVG admits it can make money selling your private data Technology: General

According to spokesman of the company who spoke to Wired UK, AVG updated its language to be more transparent and make sure users understand that it can make money off its free products by using their information.

You don’t need to panic yet as the updated policy won’t take effect until October 15th 2015; which means you can still opt out if you don’t feel comfortable with the new policy. However, failure to act now could imply that you already agree to the collection of your data, which could be a source of revenue for AVG. “Users who do not want [the security firm] to use non-personal data in this way will be able to turn it off,” the AVG spokesman said.


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