Thursday, January 21

BBC World Service launches the African-themed BBC Minute Catchup

BBC World Service have shown that they are really running a World Service by launching a platform for Africans to remain caught up with their favorite events on the BBC World. This recent launch, which is in conjunction with the most recent winner of the Hackathon, has been called the BBC Minute Catchup and it ensures that African youths never are out of tune with their favorite BBC events.

BBC World Service launches the African-themed BBC Minute Catchup News Technology: General

BBC’s digital innovation team, Connected Digitals, also chipped in to the making of this platform which simply operates to make sure that users are allowed to listen to and share latest editions of BBC Minute. For those who have no idea what the BBC Minute is, it is a fresh half-hour update that occurs every 60 seconds and based on world news.

“African audiences have become ‘mobile-first’ before the term has become mainstream for western media, and World Service has a very impressive record of growing mobile and social segments of our digital reach,” the Digital Development Editor for the BBC World Service, Dmitry Shiskin, has said.

“While planning these hackathons our task was to find new ways of reaching digital audiences in Africa – to offer them a huge array of great content, relevant to them. It is extremely important for us that we are taking selected pilots from ideas into live products, developed from scratch by the audience – for the audience,” he added.

This would not be the first innovation of BBC in the African sphere for this year which has already seen the launch of the Africa Edition site offering more news stories, features and videos too.

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