Monday, June 1

Beware Konga and Jumia, Kulimart is fast growing

So I just had breakfast this morning and was browsing a couple of random sites and pages until I came across the I wrote on e-commerce startup Kulimart back in May. To be frank, after a complete readout, I felt some things were not covered in the article; and how time flies, a whole lot of things have changed since I wrote that piece. I just told myself that I needed to write something on that again ASAP.

Firstly, Kulimart is no Jumia or Konga — or even a Kaymu, we all know that; but judging from how fast these guys are moving, I foresee them breaking into the top ranks soon enough.

Beware Konga and Jumia, Kulimart is fast growing Technology: General

You see, only few months ago, nobody knew about the online shopping site, but thanks to the level of prudence displayed by the team, their CEO Mr. Michael Nwanator told me through a telephone chat that his company will strike a powerful note in the Nigerian e-commerce in a matter of months.

Going further, I asked him to feed me with the innards of story, the witty but calm Michael persuaded me to hold on and see for myself when time comes.

Now, I don’t know what these guys are planning but whatever they are doing now seems to be already working for them. I can see a lot of discussions and mentions of Kulimart here and there in the last few weeks and I can tell you that these guys are growing very well in popularity.

In my honest opinion, I think what the company needs now is an investor who’ll give them some financial boost in order to expand and I think Michael and his team are already working on this and plan to make a surprise announcement soon.

With that being said, I’m going to study the progress of the platform (including the street polarity, Alexa rank, link backs and so on) right now, keep track and update you guys in the coming months. For now, Jumia and Konga, please watch out for Kulimart.

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