Monday, June 1

Blackberry integrates BBM with Paypal, currently testing in Canada

Blackberry just started experimenting with PayPal support in BBM. Both the companies have announced their partnership in a project, named ‘BBM Money’ through which BBM users can send and receive money in few clicks. In order to send money through PayPal users can select the all new PayPal icon, which connects their PayPal account with BBM. The PayPal inclusion is just on its experimentation phase and is only available for the users in Canada.

Most of the hardware and software companies are coming out with their own payment services, which is why Blackberry has also planned this move to help Blackberry Messenger users send and receive money. Apple has come along with Apple Pay, even Google and Facebook messenger too have payment apps.

PayPal has been one of the most sought after options for digital payments. Although there are many similar portals like PayPal, thereby the company is now focusing more on the markets that are not saturated yet, like providing Blackberry with the digital payments solution. The company is currently working on backend payment process, by its acquisition of Braintree. This strategy has helped PayPal remain as the top portals for digital payments, while expanding its business and compete with the rival networks at the same time.
Credits: Venturebeat, BlackBerry

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