Sunday, September 20

Blackberry launches app to help you move away from BlackBerry OS to Android

Blackberry is looking to tighten all the loose ends that might pop up before the launch of its Blackberry Priv device and so far, the Blackberry house looks to have been perfectly kept in order.

As another matter of housekeeping, Blackberry has made a move to ensure that its users moving from the OS 10 platform to the device need not worry on the safety of their data on the OS 10 as they would get everything back on the Priv with the help of their latest application launch.

The BlackBerry Content Transfer application, as it has been published in the Blackberry World, would allow users of the OS 10 platform to move their data seamlessly between these two devices. Its mode of operation would just be like the highly successful Blackberry Protect app that let’s you upload important data (contacts, messages, etc) to a cloud where you can recover them from in case of damage or loss of device.

The Blackberry Content Transfer app is a free download and weighs only 2MB. The data that can be transferred using this application includes Contacts, Calendars, Pictures, Videos, Music, SMS, Notes, Tasks, Document and Email accounts. The application is compatible with BB OS 10 variants running the 10.2.1 or above.

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