Sunday, October 25

Blackberry Priv opens pre-orders, leases new specs

Remember the Blackberry Priv that has been in the news as from weeks ago, even from this website? Well, Blackberry is now allowing interested customers to pre-order their own version of the device. This means that even before the launch date, you get the option to exclusively be in the Blackberry Priv VIP club, which is a privy thing ( no pun intended ) if you ask me.

Although juicy specifications about the device has been leaked online, with videos as well as pictures here and there, the only time it has been publicly handheld is by the CEO of Blackberry itself, John Chen.

The Blackberry Priv has also released some specifications alongside its device pre-order registration, giving more insights as to the amount of power packed by its battery and all.

Surprisingly, blackberry has significantly improved in an area where other devices had failed, with the Blackberry Priv coming with a huge 3410mAh of battery. Blackberry devices have always been known for their camera, and this is not left out as it would be coming with a Schneider-Kreuznach lens. It was also revealed on the website that the screen on the device would be 5.4′ in size (measured diagonally, of course) but this is no new knowledge, all thanks to the leaks we’ve had earlier.

To register, visit this link

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