Sunday, September 20

Blackberry will fold up if it doesn’t make enough sales: CEO

Blackberry came into the technological market when we needed them the most, breaking grounds and barriers, setting limits and also, capturing major market shares all around. They also introduced technology like we’ve never seen before, wowing us in the process with the perfect embodiment of one of the best mobile operating systems that we’ve seen – the Blackberry OS.

This was not to last for too long though. Was it their redundancy? Was it their standstill nature? Is it that they have refused to follow the trend? All these and many more are the unanswered questions as Blackberry started to lose its grip on the technological market, seeing its competitors prise away the once stronghold it has. Launching flagship devices with diverse technology over the past few years, they have aimed to turn this around but recent reports has suggested a fold up.

The CEO of Blackberry, John Chen, during a recent chat that was held revealed future plans for the brand and from what he has said, it can be deduced that if the smartphone label fails to make enough to keep the company profitable at the end of another business year, they might close up business.

At the chat, the CEO revealed that they would need to push out for sale some 5 million copies of Blackberry smartphones worldwide if they hope to still remain profitable as a business. Speaking further, it was revealed that only 800,000 copies of the phone made sales in the last quarter. Although not having devised a plan to make sure they achieve 5 million sales, it has been brought to light that failure to meet this target might mean the Blackberry Priv ( a new BB device still in the works) might be the last of the BB smartphone we’ll ever see. If this happens, we might see BlackBerry go into software services-only mode, indications have hinted.

This will probably sound like a rude awakening to BB fans, but right now, only time and the market would tell if BlackBerry will survive the big gamble.

So, over to you readers: Do you think BlackBerry will survive.

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