Sunday, September 20

Bloomberg: Google uses AI named RankBrain to interpret searches

Google is a multinational brand that is well known for its search engine and the efficiency with which this search engine sources results, interprets the input terms from each search query and brings the best possible fits of answer to the user. Many search engines have been set up over the years in many countries and living on many websites but none has really come close to what Google has done with its own platform.

Recently though, Bloomberg has made a report that Google employs the use of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) programme that is named “RankBrain” to help interpret the search engine terms that users throw at it then bring them the possible results to their entries.

Bloomberg reported that “RankBrain uses artificial intelligence to embed vast amounts of written language into mathematical entities – called vectors – that the computer can understand”

One of the senior research scientist over at Google in person of Greg Corrado has backed this up, speaking on the dynamic mode of operation of the RankBrain service. Greg has explained that if RankBrain ever comes across a search query that it doesn’t understand, it doesn’t give up but would rather “…make a guess as to what words or phrases might have a similar meaning and filter the result accordingly”.

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