Tuesday, September 22

Body cameras considered for South African police

Body cameras on police uniforms are increasingly being used by other countries in other continents daily and the South African government is also starting to consider this option for its own police force. This was borne out of a need of the country to properly account for its law enforcement agents and as well, their conduct and behavior in the general public, helping to strengthen the force and curb the excesses of crimes by offenders and even atrocities by the uniformed personnel themselves. Given the high rate of police murders that is evident in South Africa, the talks to introduce this system into the police dressing is really gaining momentum.

A lot of cases have been made for this cause. One school of thought has reasoned that it would serve as a way to monitor the interaction of the police force with civilians, reducing the incidence of police brutality in the process as they would have to be more conscious. Security of police officers was also argued with the police camera having the option of being connected to a smartphone which would give real-time video, audio and GPS coordinates of the camera user at any particular time.

Also, some traffic officers from the National Department of Transport have stated that the use of the cameras helped the public trust them more as they knew that their actions were being recorded and as such, wouldn’t do anything to implicate themselves. These department of transport officers were opportuned to use these cameras during a trial period earlier organized.

These clearly looks like what is needed to transform the way Policing is done across the country.


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