Monday, June 1

Bombshell: active ingredient in explosives might be answer to erectile dysfunction

British scientists are studying the effectiveness of an experimental gel containing nitroglycerin – an active ingredient in most bombs. Nitroglycerin, is the first explosive created in 1847 and this is stronger than gunpowder.

The nitroglycerin gel is applied by rubbing in to the impotent region by the use of hand. Creators of the gel hope that it would be safer to use than traditional pills taken orally like Cialis and Viagra.

Experiments show that men were given nitroglycerin paste and let them watch pornography. Results showed that 18 out of 26 men were helped by the paste. It is expected to take effect quicker than oral remedies.

However, cautions are raised about the use of nitroglycerin since it can cause extreme and dangerous lowering of blood pressure.

Further studies about the gel are continually done and if the experiments prove successful, the gel will be sold strictly through transcription at £1 per day – much cheaper than Sildenafil such as Viagra.

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