Sunday, September 20

Breaking: Dell acquires EMC in $65 billion deal

Anyone who entered into the laptop business or personal computer usage a very long while ago would know Dell used to be a name not to joke with when it comes to computers. Recently though, new technology, innovations, companies and ideas seems to be drowning out the voices of Dell as it screams for recognition in the personal computer market.

Keeping that in mind, EMC is another body that is associated with Dell and is facing similar problems. EMC has been threatened by competitors in the market who started to offer the same products as it did and put a price tag that was meant to edge them out of the business on it. Suffering this much decline, EMC had proposed to lay off some of its workers to keep the business above water.

Until recently then, it had all been rumours that Dell was in talks to acquire and merge with EMC which was estimated roughly to be worth about $50 billion dollars. The deal has finally come through and Dell are now the official owners of the EMC brand.

Speaking on their most recent acquisition, the founder of Dell, Michael Dell, said: “The combination of Dell and EMC creates an enterprise solutions powerhouse.” This move to acquire EMC, which was possible after funds up to $65 billion dollars went into the deal, is hoped by both companies to increase their chances in the market.

EMC is a data storage firm on its own while Dell is a renowned PC maker. Let’s hope the words of Michael Dell holds and this is really a “powerhouse”.

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