Monday, April 19

Google Drive to get updates, support instant alerts

Google, what are you up to?

We have started to see a lot of updates for Google developed applications on both the Android and iOS platforms these last couple of days. With the spoken alert updates coming to iOS being the latest, Google has now introduced yet another update to one of its flagship applications – the Google Drive.

Google Drive to get updates, support instant alerts Internet News Technology: General

Google Drive, as many would know it, is an online cloud based platform that allows users to upload their works or projects directly to the clod from where other people can gain access for use. It also helps team members to network with themselves when working on a project, removing the barrier of space and distance and also ensuring real time updates on the progress of these projects.

The new update that comes with the Google Drive would ensure that users receive instant updates via alerts whenever a new project from team members have been updated. This would also allow you to navigate to the new project from the comfort of the application likewise.

If you’re without a Google Account connected to the Drive or maybe you’re a team member whose access is limited, this update has you covered as it would notify you of the new file and allow you ask permission from the appropriate authority (the administrator) on accessing the file.

This update is expected over the coming weeks. Let’s wait and see as Google wows us yet again.

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