Tuesday, October 20

Camera Tips For Samsung S8, S8 Plus Users

Following the official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus device some weeks ago, South Korean tech company, Samsung has indeed flaunted the device as one which it is proud of.

However, as a means of tutorial for fans using the device, it will be more than perfect to know how to handle the camera on the device especially as it comes packing a dual camera setup on the rear end.

Here are some helpful tips on what you can achieve using the Samsung S8 and S8 Plus camera.

One thing you may have noticed is that you can snap a photo of your food and use the Food mode to better the photo.


However, before getting to that stage, choosing what to eat on the menu may prove to be a tasking job and the Samsung S8 and S8 Plus provide the perfect answer using the smart AI assistant, Bixby.

Bixby can prove helpful in choosing what goes best with your favorite drink, be it wine, scotch or beer.


Also, explore the fast autofocus function at its best.


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