Sunday, January 17

Cell C launches LTE network in South Africa

Cell C, one of the leading mobile broadband brands in South Africa is set to outdo its competitors once again with the proposed launch of their LTE network. The launch which is officially set for October 1 promises to feature a number of promotions alongside it. Even though the mobile telecommunications giant is yet to launch the service on all of their products, it is however available for pre-launch trial on special SIMs that have been made and modified to access the network.

Cell C has revealed that to make the LTE network dream a reality, they had to step up their subscribers who were already on the 3G brand from a frequency of 1800MHz to 900MHz. It also continued to upgrade users who were formerly registered on the 2G brand from 2100MHz to 1800MHz. Of the 2100MHz band, only 5MHz was kept for the 3G subscribers while the rest was rolled over to the LTE network.

The network is not available for use on every mobile except those that are capable of running a brand 1 (or 2100MHz) frequency.

The LTE network returned favorable results on devices tested, with the Galaxy S6 generating the most standalone outstanding results. On an LG G4 device, speeds of between 12.74Mbps – 38.55Mbps for download and a steady upload speed of 20Mbps in open spaces. Enclosure in large buildings such as the Monte Casino yielded speeds of 4.64Mbps – 21.54Mbps which was rather low as compared to the first range of values obtained. This result translated to video streaming from Youtube being seamless in the open but with some breaks inside the Monte Casino. It however passed PING tests to various websites showing that the LTE network hits various local caches.

Overall, the new network poses some cool features for users to look out for and Cell C looks set to redefine the mobile broadband experience.


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