Saturday, September 26

ChamsMobile introduces Nigeria’s first virtual VISA card

Renowned Nigerian mobile outfit ChamsMobile and Skye Bank have partnered to introduce an all new virtual VISA card, aiming to expand the financial climate in Nigeria by providing each and every Nigerian mobile banking and card solution at a very low cost.

The VISA card doesn’t require a permanent bank account or any kind of documentation to be ushered to a user. The online application process can be completed in 15 minutes and the applicant will receive the card in less than 72 hours. This VISA card will available in digital format with an option for physical card if preferred by the customer. The card will be accepted in all outlets where VISA logo is found.

Gavin Young, the deputy managing director of ChamsMobile explained briefly about this card in the launch ceremony. He said the card is a virtual VISA card with all the necessary features such as card number, expiry month and year and CVV number.

“It’s unique in that customers actually see an image of their card on their mobile phones, tablets and PCs, whereby all the essential features of a physical card are shown in its ‘Virtual form’; card number, expiry date and CVV number, for example,” Young said.

Users can check their transaction history and balance via mobile phones and laptops. He also added that the card will be usable after verifying an OTP by VISA for experiencing a well secured and convenient payment solution.

ChamsMobile is developed by Bancore AS and Global Technology Partners.


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