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Chatting With Your Facebook Friends On 2go

Chatting With Your Facebook Friends On 2go Simple Tutorials Technology: General

The other day, I told a freind am logging in to 2go to chat with her on Facebook.
She called me back and told she was not talking of 2go.
“Login on Facebook let’s talk!” She yelled furiously. I told her I would meet her on Facebook through 2go. She asked, “Is that possible?”
I explianed to her that I could chat with any of my Facebook friends using my 2go.
Having said that, I logged in to my 2go messenger and proceeded chatting with her while she was on Facebook.
In connecting your 2go messenger with Facebook, you must have a Facebook username.

Getting A Facebook Username

If you don’t have a Facebook username, get one for yourself at
An example of a Facebook username is jacide3. You can view the associated profile by visiting

Connecting Your 2go Account With Facebook

Open your 2go messenger.
Go to Settings > Gateways > Facebook Gateway > Activate.
Insert your Facebook username and Facebook password respectively and click Submit.
Now, go to your 2go main page, click on Friends > Facebook friends. You should see all your online Facebook friends ready to chat.

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