Sunday, September 27

Chinese tech giant Huawei pens deal with African Telecommunication Union

Chinese tech giant Huawei, has penned a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the African Telecommunication Union (ATU), which is aimed at improving information and communication technology (ICT) capability and literacy in Africa.

According to, via, Huawei Technologies Kenya Country Manager, Dean Yu informed the media in a briefing in Nairobi that the Chinese company will provide technical support to countries in Africa to increase their uptake of ICT.

“We will leverage our resources in order to introduce the most innovative solutions to Africa,” Yu said on the sidelines of the ICT media training workshop.

Under the agreement, Huawei will share its vast technical know-how in order to spur ICT development on the continent.

“Our aim is to ensure that Africa is able to bridge its digital divide,” said the country manager, adding that ICT can be used to improve the efficiency of all sectors of the economy.

“There is a positive correlation between level of ICT use and the level of economic development,” Yu added.

ATU Secretary General Soumalia Abdoulkarim in his own speech said that Africa, with a low broadband penetration rate, which stands at approximately 10 percent, remains the lowest of any region in the world, and the memorandum of understanding with Huawei will help African countries to develop and implement their national broadband strategies.

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