Thursday, June 4

Chuwi V10 Plus, Notebook/Tablet hybrid, runs the Remix OS 2.

The next season of school might look like a much further date to some but we certainly cannot deny that it is upon us again, and while preparations are in top gear, getting a really smart mobile phone, tablet or even, a blend of the notebook and tablet brand would be on the table for most shoppers, and that is where the Chuwi V10 Plus comes into this equation.


The device, which comes at a screen size of 10.8 inches focuses it’s operation on not one platform but two, blended to form the single Remix OS 2.0. Opting for the Chuwi V10 Plus means that not only would you be getting some Android Lollipop features, there are also Windows 10 specifications in there.

Speaking of hardware, there are two variants of the V10 Plus, the first carrying a 2GB RAM married to a 32GB internal storage while the second goes double all the way, having a 4GB RAM on top of a 64GB storage.

Common to both models, however, is the internal processor of build Trail X5 and a battery which is set at a capacity of 8400mAh.

With 2MP cameras on the front and back of the device (both variants) and a suport for the Stylus Pen, the 2GB variant is priced at $169 while the 4GB comes at $239.

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