Thursday, January 21

Co-op Bank of Kenya partners SimbaPay to launch UK-Kenya money transfer

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya (CBK) has shown that they do not only care about their customers at home but those in diaspora likewise by teaming up with SimbaPay to launch an online and offline payment platform for these users to send and receive money. SimbaPay is a United Kingdom based company that offers financial services that are related to transfer of money digitally.

Co-op Bank of Kenya partners SimbaPay to launch UK-Kenya money transfer News Technology: General

This would mean that customers holding a CBK account and are living in the United Kingdom would be able to effect money transfers online using their credit card or debit card through the use of the SimbaPay online platform. The platform can be accessed on a variety of web-enabled devices such as personal computers, smartphones and tablets.

The SimbaPay platform would be so resourceful as to allow money senders / users select the branch of the recipient and the amount to be sent. Provisions have also been made for cases where the branch is not known as SimbaPay would then use the M-Pesa technology which only requires the bank account number.

“We are very pleased with our partnership with SimbaPay, which enables Kenyans abroad to send money home without suffering the cost of making cash transfer,” the director of Retail and Business Banking at CBK, Maurice Matumo, has said in a press release.

With plans in place to extend it to other countries, the UK-Kenya pathway is open for transfers already.

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