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College student invents new software to ease traffic in Kenya

A college student in Kenya, Patrick Waweru, has invented a new software that will help in monitoring and controlling traffic of parking lots in Nairobi, the capital of the east African country.

Waweru, an undergraduate at the University of Nairobi, decided to develop the software to proffer solution to one of Nairobi’s biggest problems, which is inability of motorists to secure parking spaces.

Kenya, just like Nigeria, is burdened with huge traffic and parking space challenges. A situation, which costs the country about 37 billion shillings annually, according to a report made available by Kenya’s Transport and Urban Decongestion Committee (TUDC), which attributed the jams to poor city planning.

College student invents new software to ease traffic in Kenya Technology: General

Dr. Osamuyimen Uyi Stewart, an IBM scientist pointed out that the problem could also be down to infrastructural decay. “Much of Nairobi’s road network is more than half a century old and was developed for a city of just 350,000 inhabitants.”

Waweru’s software is a system that uses sensors placed on the streets that detect if a vehicle is parked in a particular area. The system displays availability of parking spaces on street maps as well as SMS alerts. Assessment is made possible by installing the software on desktop PC and mobile devices.

Speaking at the Innovation Week of the University of Nairobi which was held last week, Waweru said: “there will be geomagnetic sensors installed undergrounds on the streets and detect earth magnetic fields. When a vehicle comes, it will disrupt the field and the sensor will detect and send information to our server.”

His invention could also help to solve the needs of a country like Nigeria, which continues to lose millions of Naira daily as a result of traffic congestion and poor parking parks.

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