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Simply entertaining and educative. Aspiring to become Africa’s most recognized tech blog.

Vision wants to give you the best you can get from Africa’s fast-growing technology market. From Onitsha, Nigeria, to Accra in Ghana, down to Kenya and South Africa, we’ve got the continent covered.


We love to keep it simple. Yes, tech is diverse but we try to keep things as minimalist as possible so it’s all fun and doesn’t get boring a bit.


While we cover African tech stuff, our website has a category for global happenings as well. The latter is where we report global tech events that are important and or impact us as Africans.


Headed by popular Nigerian entrepreneur and blogger Somtoo Okoye of, his very good friend and partner, Emmanuel Aniweta alongside Mary Makau of R&R radio program in Radio Jumbo, Kenya, our team of highly-skilled writers and contributors will always strive to offer the best you’ll ever find on the continent.


While we continue to gist you all that’s happening in Africa and around the world, our organization does not and will never consciously sell wrong information.

If you find any content on our website incorrect, misleading or to be infringing on your trademark or copyright, kindly use the contact page to reach out to us immediately.

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We welcome everybody aboard. To our partners, readers and “competitors”, we wish all of you the best.

To brands and individuals looking to get a product, start-up or tech event covered on our platform, we are always on the lookout for that e-mail.