Sunday, September 20

Conveniently transfer airtime to any network with ‘Swap Naija’ app.

Our various network providers in Africa have really tried and they keep trying to make sure that we use our networks under the best set of conditions that are even made to be friendly to their customers. Given MTN, Airtel, Globacom, Vodacom and Econet to mention but a few, these network providers have used various methods to keep ahead of competition and one of such methods is not allowing customers the full use of the network. This feature is the inter-network airtime transfer feature.

Conveniently transfer airtime to any network with 'Swap Naija' app. Technology: General

Its not only me this has happened to, I’m sure. Sometimes, someone is in dire need of airtime and in the process of transferring, you get to know that they do not use the same network as you and as such, a transfer is not possible. Other times, it comes down to you wanting to transfer to even your own network pals and then you discover that you’ve forgotten what network code that is sued for the transfer. These situations can be frustrating, and that is why this new and very resourceful application has been developed.

Named Swap Naija, this app allows you to send airtime to any Nigerian network from any Nigerian network. Yeah. You read that right. ANY Network. This application which is currently available for Android devices and BB 10 devices likewise just needs you to download it from your local Google Play Store, install it and you’re good to go.

On installing, you’ll see a pop-up page that would ask you to do your registration. From this page, you’ll be allowed to enter the required details to set up your account. Once this is done, you’re allowed to use all the features of Swap Naija, and sending via multiple networks would never be a problem anymore. Furthermore, the days of cramming transfer codes are over. Swap Naija is there to the rescue.

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