Tuesday, September 22

Cybersmart launches high speed “Fibres-to-the-home” in SA

For those of you that are unaware, Cybersmart is an organization that is mainly based in South Africa and offers customers a wide variety of services and options. These services include web hosting (which the website claims is the cheapest web hosting service you’ll get around), offers data services and other network related services likewise. Cybersmart is also known for providing some uncapped ADSL plans in South Africa as well as unlimited access to your website’s CPanel. As if these aren’t enough, Cybersmart has then launched a new programme in South Africa which it has called the “Cybersmart’s 200Mbps fibre to the home products.”

Cybersmart launches high speed "Fibres-to-the-home" in SA Technology: General

The Fibre to the home products, which was launched at the MyBroadband Tech Conference 2015, aims to feature a variety of smart fibre plans to homes and small businesses that are built and operated in high density areas respectively. The product is marketed at the “400Mbps Fibre” as it offers a speed of 200Mbps uplink and the same value of 200Mbps downlink.

With pricing starting at R599 every month for the least plan in this bundle, subscribers are entitled to a daytime data provision of 20GB while in the nighttime, are allowed to use another special 1000GB.

Another option, starting at R899, would allow users use a data of 200GB in the daytime and also, 1000GB as night data. These night data plans would start work at exactly 0000 hours (12:00 AM) and cease at 7:00AM.

Other plans available for customers are as shown below.

•R99 for 20GB Day Data and 100GB Night Data

•R199 for 50GB Day Data and 250GB Night

•R299 for 100GB Day Data and 500GB Night

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