Sunday, September 27

Despite German warning, South Africa’s National Treasury allocates R200 million to nuclear programme

Earlier this year, Germany asked South Africa to steer clear of everything nuclear energy like they have done likewise in a bid to promote the use of cleaner energy, among other things. In light of recent developments though, it seems that South Africa has chosen to ignore that call as of recent, about R200 million has been assigned by the National Treasury for use by the Department of Energy in its bid to prepare for the advent of nuclear energy in the economy.

The budgets that were thus allocated is for the Department of Energy to carry out ground works and preparation to see what the costs, benefits, risks and effects of nuclear power generation would be especially considering the fact that the nation looks to build 4 of such plants / power stations in South Africa, adding to the ones that already exists.

“Over the medium term, R200m will be allocated (R100m in 2016/17 and R100m in 2017/18) and to support preparatory work for nuclear procurement,” the National Treasury has said.

Having entered various agreements with other countries on these grounds of Nuclear power, South Africa looks to have achieved a stable supply of 9600MW of energy by the year 2030.

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