Monday, September 21

Digital Natives takes gold at first Women Hackers Unite Hackathon

Cortex Hub, a South African based company, recently started a new programme in the line of improving the state of ICT as well as expanding the computer literacy and awareness base in the country. The programme, called the Women Hackers Unite Hackathon, is much symbolic for the reason that it is targeted at obtaining computer literacy for women.

The programme, taking place at the Industrial Development Zone of East London and achieved its aim of helping women showcase their talents in the world of computer that has been dominated by men and encourage them to be more involved in technology announced the winner of the competition set up within the programme.

Digital Natives takes gold at first Women Hackers Unite Hackathon Technology: General

Digital Natives, the team that was declared winner, hail from Pretoria in South Africa and won the whooping sum of R150,000. The winning team’s project was an app which they had branded ‘Update Me’. Update Me is an educational app that helps parents keep in touch with the educational progress of their wards even amidst their busy schedules. It helps the parents to be actively involved in the educational development of their child whilst saving time in the process. The Update Me project, launched as both an application and website allows parents access to their child(ren)’s report sheets, registers and class attendances and as well, helps parents interact with their ward’s instructors.

Following in second place was the Team Helpher which designed an app similar to their name, ‘Helpher’. The application helps women who are suffering from domestic abuse and violence take charge of and deal with their situation. The mobile app performs the function of a panic button that women can easily reach when under abuse. This button would be linked to a third party who would render help either by going to defuse the case individually or quickly alerting law enforcement agents.

In third place was the SmartHealth team from Pretoria, same state as the Digital Natives. Their SmartHealth application is lauded for being able to accurately capture patient’s medical data by going through their past medical files and records and allows the information to be accessed from anywhere and at anytime.

With the success of this inaugural programme launched by Cortex, more is surely bound to follow

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