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How to stop Facebook from sending notification messages to my E-mail

Facebook can really be fun but in a spin, can also become a pain in the ass such as in occasions where you entrust Mark Zukerberg and his friends with your precious e-mail address.

At first, getting notification e-mails of a friend commenting on your status seems harmless and polite, but with time, the messages will snowball into an unwanted, spam, junk cycle which is not what you have your e-mail account for — or is it?

You can stop some of the  e-mails by following the unsubscribe link attached to the bottom of each message, However, there is a way to disable ALL notification e-mails from Facebook and here is how.

  • Open your Facebook account settings. It’s located at the top right section of the Facebook website.
  •  You’ll see General, Security, Privacy, etc tabs. Select Notifications
  • From the menu that will open, click on Email.
  • Turn off all e-mail notifications by selecting Only notifications about your account, security and privacy.
  • A prompt will appear: “You’ll miss out on emails about photos you’re tagged in, messages you’ve received, friends’ comments and more.

    Select Turn Off and exit.

This selection will disable Facebook from sending anything that’s not about changing your account password 0r other important stuff to your e-mail address.
If you ever get confused on where to get the above menu, you can save yourself the stress by heading straight to Facebook e-mail notification settings by going to https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=notifications&section=through_email&view. Apply the same settings and you ar good to go.

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