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Does My Android Phone Support JAVA(.jar) Applications?

For mobile phone users asking if and why their Android phones does not support JAVA(.jar) applications, firstly, the extension for Android applications is .apk and over 700,000 .apk files are available for Android phones to download from the Google Play Store. An Android phone naturally does not have anything to do with JAVA apps though you can still find a way around if you insist on running .jar apss on your Android phone.

Does My Android Phone Support JAVA(.jar) Applications? Technology: General

You have to also understand that JAVA(.jar) applications are appsĀ  created to run on devices that support J2ME and MIDP platforms like the Nokia Series 40 devices (Nokia 3110c, Nokia 2700 etc.).

How Do I Run .jar Apps On My Android Phone?

Now that you know that .jar is not meant for Android devices, if you still want your Android device to run JAVA applications there
are couple of ways to find your way round:

  1. Using Emulator:
    The work of an emulator is to provide support for a desired platform. You can find some good JAVA emulators from Google Play Store. Some good JAVA emulators include Netmite App Runner, JBED, phoneME, JBlend and JBED.
  2. Converting App From .jar to .apk:
    You can find tutorials online on how to convert your .jar apps to .apk.


Even though you can make your Android device run JAVA apps on your own, certain Android phone manufacturers already did the work for you(ie., their Android phone can run .jar apps right out of the box). High-end phones like the Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, HTC One support run .jar apps when you buy them. This is beacuse they have an emulator called Java MIDP emulator pre-installed.

How Do I Know If My Android Phone Supports JAVA Apps?

Just download a valid .jar app on your phone and see if your phone can run it. O better still, you can plainly ask your phone vendor if your phone supports JAVA.

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