Monday, November 30

Donald Trump skips Republicans debate due to Fox News beef

The Republican presidential candidates faced each other for the 2016 election cycle debate held by Fox News in Des Moines on January 28, 2016. All the other candidates were present except for the party’s frontrunner, Donald Trump, due to his ongoing feud with Fox News. Trump aired his grievances about the network and its debate moderator Megyn Kelly for being biased against him.

During the debate, the candidates focused on Trump and then took on each other. Each Republican presidential candidate was given an opportunity to tell Iowans why they should be chosen as the Republican candidate for presidency.

They did not attack their fellow candidates, but the Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton and President Barack Obama as well. They stressed how Obama changed the country for the worse and how he will continue if Clinton will win.

Residents of Iowa will choose their bet among the Republican presidential candidates at the caucuses on February 1.


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