Sunday, September 20

DSTv e-mail scam: Subscribers beware!

DSTv is the leading satellite TV provider we have in Africa. With their tentacles expanding far more than just the West African region, bringing events, news, entertainment, politics, movies, games and more to us via one satellite dish, they have also established themselves as a brand name.

The South Africa-based satellite TV provider have suffered a hit to their software which has left it vulnerable to some phishing sites who are not wasting time in taking advantage of this flaw.

The phishing body sends mail to customers subscribed to the satellite network, asking them to confirm their mails. The e-mail confirmation link is, instead of being the real stuff, just re-directs users to a Dropbox where they are asked to input their mail and password.

This mail, sent courtesy of the address ‘’, and claims to have been sent from the DSTv connect team is not and customers should beware.

The news from affected customers is that the mail reads “Dear Customer. We noticed you have not yet verified your email address,” states the mail, before instructing the recipient to click on a link to verify the address and avoid being disconnected.”

DSTv e-mail scam: Subscribers beware! Technology: General
A copy of the reported DStv scam e-mail.

On the recent development, MultiChoice has released a statement to calm its customers. “We will never ask our customers to click on a link to verify their email address or disconnect their DStv services if their email address is not verified,” Multichoice has said.

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