Wednesday, August 5

DSTv to rollout “Catch Up” feature to Extra and Compact users too

DSTv used to have a plan that saw users get to catch up on the things they loved watching but missed due to circumstances like being away at work, being busy or not having electricity supply, or any other applicable reason. The only glitch in this plan was, it was only available to the users that had the means to purchase a DSTv Premium decoder and not the others.

Recently, DSTv has gone back to the drawing board and in a bid to bridge the gap between their premium subscribers and the other mid-tier and budget subscribers, have leased the catching up feature to everyone. This means that we can all watch the favorite programmes we missed on DSTv irrespective of whether we are on the premium package or not.

Starting from the first of November, 2015, DSTv Compact and DSTv Extra users (with existing Exploras) would also have access to this type of plan on their decoders.

Of the newest rollout to more users, DSTv has said “DStv Catch Up allows customers to ‘catch up’ on their favorite series, movies, documentaries, and sports events when it suits them. It’s a great way to not miss a single second of

An update would be sent to the Compact and Extra users (having Exploras) which would then upgrade them to the premium service.

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