Sunday, January 17

Duma Works rolls out partnership with Agri Experience to improve agribusiness hiring in Kenya

Duma Works, a leading online platform when it comes to the business of recruitment of applicants for suitable job positions in East Africa has partnered up with Agri Experience with whom it plans to engage more people and create more job opportunities for the people.

Agri Experience on its own hand is a special consultancy services firm which deals with issues as regards seed development. This partnership with Duma Works would see more opportunities opened in line with agricultural business in the country.

The initiative for this partnership is fully supported by Kenya Markets’ Trust and it is aimed at seeing Duma Works recruit more and more people who would be trained to become specialists in their fields, leading to better support for employers and potential employees.

“These small rural agribusinesses across Kenya are the lifeline for farmers, and as Kenya’s agriculture sector grows, they need to be staffed by employees who understand customer service and have a deep knowledge of the seeds and other inputs farmers need,” said Aline O’Connor, spokesperson of Agri Business.

“Our hope is that our partnership with Duma Works will lead to staff that are well-suited for a career in rural agribusiness – one that will translate into better performance for the business itself and for Kenya’s farmers,” she continued.

Duma Works would now be providing discounted services on employment for the agricultural sector due to this partnership, having a 40% per hire policy on basic plan and 60% per hire policy on advanced plan.

Given that Kenya’s economy is largely based on agriculture, this partnership seems to be one of the best thing that can happen to the country.

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