Thursday, February 25

Durban gets its own (free) TV service

Durban gets its own (free) TV service News Technology: General

The residents of Durban, especially those that live in the eThekwini Municipality could in a short time get a free TV service come to them courtesy of the government and its parastatals. This TV service would see the residents of this municipality get all the decisions that has been made by the council on their behalf, and all these from the comfort of their homes.

Just on Wednesday (yesterday), the city approved a proposal that was submitted to the effect of broadcasting live the events of eThekwini municipality. The spokesman for the municipality in person of Tozi Mthethwa has said that the introduction would be cost free to citizens as the broadcasts would rely on existing infrastructure to function. This innovation was also lauded as a wonderful idea which would keep the citizens abreast of what is being done by the council around them by Nigel Gumede who is the Human Settlement and Infrastructure Committee chairperson.

“We already have the television screens and nothing will have to be spent in this regard. For us, it is a way of communicating with the public without being censored by media about the work the city is doing”

Since all the equipment for the launch of this programme is already at hand, reports have it that the municipality was already in partnership with a company that is fully licensed and capable of running a TV Station.

Source : News24

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