Sunday, September 20

E-Coach wins Airtel App Challenge in Ghana

The Airtel App Challenge held in Ghana recently and of the 82 budding, intelligent and aspiring teams that came to contest for the top prize(s), 3 teams have made the final cut and won the gold, silver and bronze of the competition.

E-Coach wins Airtel App Challenge in Ghana Technology: General

E-Coach was crowned the ultimate winner of the competition and took home the gold for its efforts. E-coach is an online learning platform that allowed users to learn and test themselves online, helping them to improve along the way likewise. The tests on E-coach would be timed to give users the illusion of a real life test and after each session, their scores would be generated automatically.

Yocaya Inc. followed E-coach at second place with an innovation which it had seen fit to call MediaWire. MediaWire aims to help various media houses to link up and connect more with their audiences through means such as streaming, messages via the chat section and so on. This idea, in second place, has also led to the birth of an app – The MediaWire application.

The last, capping up the top three, is Venue99. Venue99 aims to solve all of your event planning problems by allowing you a platform where you can choose the best location for your events. Also, it allows the owners of these locations to post their halls or event locations in case of availability that people might choose from it.

E-coach, asides from their cash prize and the opportunity to upload their app on the Airtel app store, would receive free mentorship in Singapore as regards their innovation likewise.

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