Sunday, September 20

E-Farming: Tanzania To Employ Cattle-Managing Software

Africa is really taking a cue from the rest of the world and have really started to wake up in terms of technology. Gone are the days when we used to believe in all manual labour and would do anything to repel modern technology. The level of exposure the continent has enjoyed over the years as well as the unyielding nature of the technological world to keep pestering us till we finally gave in have started to yield fruits as we now think up areas of need where technology can better suit us as opposed to the native way that might have been in use.

One of such cases came to light as the government of Tanzania is now in the process of helping farmers obtain technology which would help them to better keep track of their cattle at all times. The technological piece would come in form of an electronic equipment which would be operated by an electronic gadget to which information would be relayed.

The innovation, which is believed would in no small measure increase the quality of meat in the nation is backed and supported by the country’s Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development. The electronic gadget would also be useful to the farmers to trace their livestock in case of theft, or any other unforeseen circumstances. This would make it easier for farmers to keep, raise and breed several heads of cattle at the same time and would result in higher quantity of meat supply.

The special gadgets will have special identification numbers that would indicate the village, farm, district and region where the animal is being bred, making it easy to obtain the details of this animal and when necessary and available, medical records likewise.

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