Wednesday, September 30

EA Sports breathes fresh idea into FIFA 16, features women football

The much talked about FIFA 16 is finally here, and as expected, Electronic Arts EA, the company responsible for design and marketing of the app has added breathed some fresh new looks into this year’s edition with the addition of women football.

12 national women’ soccer teams of England, Germany, USA, Sweden, Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Australia and France, have all been added to spice up this year’s addition. I am not sure about the exclusion of a team like Nigeria, which by every standard is one of the most active women football teams in world football, despite not managing to win or qualify for the advanced stages of any of the senior World Cups that have been held over the years.

It is all about glamour, but the developers or marketers of the app didn’t deem it fit to include Nigeria for reasons best known to them.EA Sports breathes fresh idea into FIFA 16, features women football Technology: General

The inclusion of women’s football is highly welcome, considering the success of the last FIFA Women’s World Cup held in Canada. Since the idea behind the app is not only about entertainment, but also about generating income for the world football governing body FIFA, the addition of women’s football to FIFA 16 is an indication that the game football at that level has all the glamour required.

Women’s football in FIFA 16 is a touch slower, but that is understandable considering the fact that in reality much speed is still lacking on the pitch. Of course, there are other noticeable differences such as visual presentation, which is quite impressive. The realistic hair rendering is perhaps, the most outstanding difference in the new feature.

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