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Easy fixes for a slow-charging smartphone

Smartphones are one of the best pieces of technology around these days. They offer you a wide variety of functions and you just can’t seem to get enough. You can play games, watch movies, enjoy the web experience in ways you haven’t before and bam! Your battery’s down. Then you remember that you need to charge. This charge then tries to take eternity. This can get quite a lot of concern. Why does my device charge so slow? We ask ourselves. Below are the seven most common flaws that might be causing your device to charge slowly, and how to fix them likewise.

Low Power Source

There’s the saying that “You can’t give what you don’t have”. Same applies to charging. A power source is capable of determining how fast a phone would charge. Instead of options to charge via a laptop, why not plug your device into a wall socket or an extension box?

Adapter Check

We shouldn’t make the cable feel bad. After all, it doesn’t do all the work alone. Your adapter (or charger head, as it comes) might be the culprit. When its faulty, your device would either charge slowly or not at all if permanently destroyed.

Bad Battery

Yes, you read right. A bad battery might just be the problem. One of the symptoms a bad battery exhibits is the slow charge. Another is fast drain.

Easy fixes for a slow-charging smartphone Technology: General

A lot of devices come with bad batteries while others just become bad over time of constant use. Check with your manufacturer to see if your battery is bad and request a new one, or buy yourself one otherwise.

Cable – Check

Easy fixes for a slow-charging smartphone Technology: General

This should be about your first point of call when you discover that your phone is charging slower. We are in the habit of using one USB cable over time so much that we forget that these cables also wear, tear and even break. When any of the above has affected the cable, it leads to slow charge as it would not carry current into your battery as expected.

Use while Charging

A lot of us can’t just get away from our mobile phones. On the toilet seat, in the bus, and even when the phone is charging, we’re still happily tapping away. You might actually be draining your battery as fast as it charges and this would result in a slow charge.

USB Port Problems

Easy fixes for a slow-charging smartphone Technology: General

Your USB port might just be what’s making your phone the snail-charger it is. Kindly check to see if nothing obstructs it, if its not corroded and also, damaged.


Yes. It hurts enough to see that you’re still using the Galaxy Ace while the Galaxy A7 is out. We’re not trying to rub it in your face. We’re just saying the reason why your friend’s phone charges faster than yours might be because his/hers uses a better processor which supports much more rapid charging than yours.

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