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Easy Steps to Building a Java Desktop Database Application

In a gradual way, the user can easily and simply build a Java Desktop database application on their computer by following some steps. Moreover, in these following steps, user will learn how to build a genuine Java desktop graphical user interface application, which is mainly connected with MySQL database.

Easy Steps to Building a Java Desktop Database Application Technology: General

Summary of the Steps to follow for building Java desktop database application: –

  • Machine specifications to be met
  • Pre-requirement
  • Creating a flawless database
  • Making an exact connection to a database.
  • Always create a table
  • Always insert a sample data
  • Create a fresh Java data project
  • Run the project
  • Customizing the graphical user interface
  • At the end, testing its functionality.

These steps are discussed below: –

  • Some machine specifications are mainly used for this task: 2.2 GHz Intel Pentium core 2 Duos, Windows XP Pro SP2, 2 gigabyte DDR2 random access memories, 160 gigabyte SATA Hard Disk Drive, etc.
  • Pre-requirement:  MySQL 5.x.x  and NetBeans 6.x.x
  • Creating a flawless database: First of all, users should create a database by using the MySQL Command Line Client. On the other hand, create Java database for derby database. In addition, a user can change easily the name of a database according to their need or requirement.
  • Making an exact connection to a database: As a matter of fact, a user can make a good connection with the help of windows drivers for MSSQL/Access, PostgreSQL database as well as Java.
  • Always create a table: Creating table help users to maintain details or information in respect of their work. On the other hand, it will definitely help the user day, month, and year into different columns as well as in fields.
  • Always insert a sample data: Here, users can easily and simply create or insert sample data with the help of SQL script. Moreover, it makes a task troubleshoot easier as well as in simple manner.
  • Create a fresh Java desktop project: Creating a fresh Java desktop project helps to run, execute and build various Java projects.
  • Running the project or Program: In an ideal manner, graphical user interface comes in an action, which will help user to run the project and build? In addition, a user can run the project by selecting or choosing the Student Record App project folder and then selecting the Run menu as well as clicking right mouse button.

Following the above steps can help the user to develop Java Desktop Database Application.

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