Monday, April 19

Easy steps to linking your BVN with your GTBank Account

The issue of the newest innovation by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to keep your accounts and online transactions more secure by the launch of the Bank Verification Number (BVN) initiative is a pretty laudable event and as much as that is, has its deadline set for the 31st of October and CBN seems to have stayed its mind on no further deadline extensions.

Getting your BVN is very easy as you can do it from even any other bank where you don’t have an account but you would have to link it up to your account later. On this note, GTBank has introduced a new feature at its ATM service points to allow users link up their BVN to their accounts in very easy steps.

After getting to any of GTBank’s ATM service centers, insert your ATM Card into the machine like you would when performing any other basic transaction. A menu would pop-up from where you would select the “BVN Link” option to proceed. Proceed further by Entering your 11-digit BVN after which you’ll be asked to confirm your entry. Do this and submit. Simple as that.

CBN has threatened to reduce the amount of freedom individuals would have over their accounts if they fail to get their BVNs done before the deadline. Hurry now.

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