Tuesday, September 22

Easy Taxi out with new version of its mobile app

Easy Taxi is out with a new version of its mobile app that is integrated into Microsoft’s email solution, Outlook.

With Easy Taxi for Outlook, which is the name of the new mobile app, users will be able to request a taxi from within their Outlook email account when reminded of a calendar-saved event. This innovative idea now gives users other options to book for taxi when the need arises.

By simply setting up the new mobile app, users will be able to schedule a taxi, while the scheduling will be sent within the popular Microsoft email solution. This is aimed at ensuring that users arrive to their various meetings, events, lunches and other engagements.

Speaking on the new mobile app, Dennis Wang, Global co-chief executive officer (CEO) of Easy Taxi said, “We want to offer more and more convenience and practicality to our users,”

He further said, “During office hours, Outlook already notifies the person of a meeting through a reminder, now in the same Calendar tool the person can request a taxi. It’s extremely simple!”

Easy Taxi was launched in 2012 and currently available in 30 countries and 420 countries including Nigeria.

The new app is available on multiple platforms including, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices, as well as for B2B clients through Easy Taxi PRO and Easy Taxi Corporate solutions.


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