Wednesday, June 3

Running out of fuel and cash? EasyFuel will refill your tank instantly

Your car is fast approaching an empty tank, you do not have enough cash in your wallet and you are finding it hard locating an ATM nearby? Car owners often face this situation when they need to fuel their car and seriously, you won’t like to be left with no clue when this scenario plays out on you.

However, from now onwards, car owners in Nigeria do not have to face such ordeals again as EasyFuel has recently unveiled their electronic payment options at different fuel stations.

With EasyFuel’s electronic payment options available in fuel stations, customers can easily purchase petrol, diesel, kerosene and other petroleum products throughout the country using a credit/debit card.

EasyFuel has introduced three payment options for drivers and car owners:

The first is the eGO card, a PIN based debit/credit card that will help users purchase automotive fluids, lube and other vehicle related stuff on the go.

The second payment option is the SpeedPass. This is a unique contactless payment system, where the car owner needs to wave his/her tag in front of the integrated POS unit and punch in the volume of fuel to be bought.

Sprint is the third payment option where the vehicle takes control of the whole process.

Reports Techloy: “This (Sprint) incorporates the latest state-of-the-art payment technology to enable refueling. With the option, the vehicle initiates and authorizes every fueling transaction, thereby removing control from the hands of a driver and station attendant. It’s that simple!”

Card based payment options are available in virtually all sectors. With the introduction of EasyFuel’s card based payments, car owners and drivers will not only save themselves from embarrassing moments, but be highly relived of the hassles associated with buying fuel with cash.

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