Tuesday, September 22

EcoCash: innovative online money sending platform from Econet

EcoCash, as the bell ringing in your head suggests, is a brainchild of Econet which is based on the sending of and remittance of cash from one place to another. The platform, which has been meticulously built and painstakingly managed by Econet for more than two years now has been constantly seeking the partnership of money sending services all around the world to allow their money be sent through this platform. The hard work of Econet and its EcoCash team has finally started to pay off now as many of these bodies now allow their money to be sent via the Econet platform.

Also, Econet has achieved a massive 9 million subscribers in Zimbabwe only and through their EcoFlash initiative, money can be sent from South Africa. This EcoFlash is in conjunction with the biggest shopping chain store in South Africa – Shoprite.

The Service Head of Econet in person of Dr. Jimmy Shindi had explained that these acquisitions of partnership of the different money sending platforms are not easy things to come by, and not easy to establish likewise. In his own words, he said “Each relationship that we have has taken at least 18 months to set up, and we have had to invest a lot of money to meet regulatory requirements. It has not been easy.”

EcoCash is allegedly available in over 200 countries of the world.

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