Sunday, September 20

Econet opens “Beyond The Phone” expo in Zimbabwe

Econet is one of the leading mobile telecommunications broadband in Africa. Zimbabwe is where the company has established itself as a family brand name and as the largest telecommunications provider in the region.

In light of this, Econet Wireless Technology has in Zimbabwe launched its Econet Expo which is set to hold between 12th to 14th of October. The event, which would be taking place at the Harrare International Conference Centre has been themed “Beyond the Phone”. The Beyond The Phone expo is aimed at introducing and showcasing to the public a host of other value-added services that has been developed by the telecomms giant.

Speaking on the expo, the CEO of Econet in person of Mr. Douglas Mboweni has said “We are proud to launch this inaugural Expo as we continue to ride on our massive infrastructure to roll out many value added services. Entrance to the Expo will be free therefore we invite all Zimbabweans to come and experience the future”

Econet has long ago predicted that the revenue that would be generated on voice services would start experiencing a down low and armed with this information, have gone back to the drawing board to start developing new breakout plans for the Zimbabwean market, helping them to be the pioneer and still remain the best and most widely used.

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