Tuesday, September 22

EeziFind looks to be a resource bay for Nollywood talent

There are a lot of unemployed people out there who dedicate their time to searching for suitable jobs day-in day-out. While these people might be faced with the illusion (or reality, as the case may be) that there are no jobs, job providers are also faced with the thought of getting the best and most talented person to carry out the job description that they’ve laid out.

The movie industry in Nigeria is not left behind. Starting a new movie, soap opera, TV show or what have you is always an herculean task on the part of the producers as they just have to start receiving and sitting in audition upon audition studios, bearing little or no fruit.

EeziFind looks to be a resource bay for Nollywood talent Technology: General

It is because of this type of occurrence that Eezifind has been launched. The online platform, which claims to be the biggest job resource centre for Nollywood has on its platform a lot of budding and aspiring talents who are ready for TV anytime soon, having their impressive resumes online also for interested producers to pick from.

It is not only open to actors only as directors, producers, Director of Photographies and the likes can all open an account, upload resumes and apply for jobs. The job locations includes juicy areas such as Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and even the United States of America.

Implementing this platform effectively would see Nollywood break the norm of repeating the same stars over and over and pump some fresh blood into the system.

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