Wednesday, September 30

Ericsson launches MediaFirst pay TV platform in Kenya

Tech giants are bracing up for the challenge as Africa provides the right market to expand their products and services. Swedish multinational telecommunication company, Ericsson has launched a pay TV platform in Kenya called MediaFirst.

Ericsson’s launch of MediaFirst will allow content providers and mobile network operators in the east African country to control and sell contents to consumers through the use of cutting edge and modern technology such as 4F networks and fibre-to-the-home, according to reports.

Pay TV in Africa is evolving, with more providers throwing their hats into the ring and bracing up for the stiff competition ahead. Only recently, MTN was issued a licence that will enable it provide pay TV services to viewers in Nigeria.

With MediaFirst, however, viewers will be able to have unbounded experiences, early content discovery and agile operator portal, which are some of the features of pay television providers globally.

Kenya is still playing catch up with other countries in Africa in terms of pay TV; and Ericsson’s MediaFirst will bring about a turnaround of things. While a technology like this is not entirely new to the continent of Africa, a lot of countries are still struggling to catch up with the rest of the world; but things are about to change at least with MediaFirst and other potential investors.

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